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Descripción del puesto de trabajo

The Originator Gas & Power is part of the Gas & Power Trading Origination Iberia team and is responsible for originating and leading the negotiations until execution of new standard & structured products and services with counterparties in the Iberia region gas & power markets, looking at the long and short-term opportunities to grow TotalEnergies portfolio in the

The role has a strong focus on delivering value for the Company, with the opportunity to work on new structured
supplies, complex deals, options, environmental attributes and new commodities/products.

Mission & Activities

* Identify, explore, analyse, follow up and completion of opportunities in the Iberian energy markets, both upstream (developers and producers), midstream (trading houses, retailers, resellers) and downstream that can contribute to develop a healthy portfolio and focus on efficient deal execution.
* Lead negotiations with internal affiliates and external counterparties to enable new products with the relevant client segments as per our strategy, working with highly experienced multicultural project teams.
* Build structured solutions fitting clients’ needs (physical and financial), together with the Structuring team in Geneva and supported by a robust credit and market risk assessment.
* Collaborate with other internal departments and trading desks to ensure consistency in the deal funnel, with opportunity for learning across regional focus and help develop a strategic view for the growth of the regional portfolio.
* Maintain and develop close relationships with counterparties in the region.
* Monitoring of tasks in the commercial process to ensure compliance with planned execution deadlines.
* Fully comply with the Compliance & Ethics framework, TotalEnergies Group policies, and local/international regulations where applicable.


Required Profile

* 3-8 years of experience from power & gas markets and renewables business
* University degree (economical or engineer)
* Proven track record of commercial deal making from deal identification through to delivery.
* Ability to understand, structure and explain highly complex deal structures / strong understanding of the
different risks associated to the energy trading business
* Structured, precise and solution oriented.
* Extensive market network of relevant contracts.
* Proactivity and ability to evolve.
* Excellent oral and writing communication skills.
* Professional fluency in English and Spanish.

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